Halloween Weekend revised schedule


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Halloween Weekend revised schedule

Post by bentfoxracing » Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:44 pm

Okay folks....here's the story.
The weather for Saturday is looking pretty bad in the early part of the day but it looks a lot better for later on on Saturday and much better on Sunday. So here's what we're doing......we are not having the open practice on Saturday. We are making the tracks hard and tight for the best water runoff possible. This way the tracks will be good on Sunday and your machines won't get destroyed.All the festivities planned for Saturday will be starting around 3:00-3:30. From Pit bike racing to Bon fires, we are going to try to do it all! Yes....including the mom race. There might even be some sweet raffles to get in on to make things a little bit more fun.

We are doing this because the long range weather for next weekend is looking worse then for this weekend and in 2 weeks the Halloween Luster will be gone and who knows.....there might be snow by then. We feel this is the best way to get the last D 34 points race in and still provide a fun weekend. Please share this post and tell everyone that you know that was planning on coming this news. So ....we are racing........and partying a bit.

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