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Pro am information

Post by bentfoxracing » Fri May 05, 2017 1:31 pm we go.......

Pro-Am weekend is upon us so here is the long post with as much info that we can think of.....

Gates will open Friday night at 5:00pm. 15.00 admission for the weekend. No refunds. Gates open Saturday morning at 7:00 am. Riding on 2 tracks starts around 9:00am. 35.00 open practice fee. Riding ends around 4:00pm. Gates open Sunday morning at 7:00am. 35.00 per class (250a and opena classes are 45.00)

1500.00 250 A purse
1500.00 Open A purse
All other expert classes pay back to 8th place
All trophy classes pay back to 8th place
Honda contingency
Suzuki contingency
A boatload of giveaways

A few rules......
NO PIT pit bikes, no golf carts, no electric bikes.
Stay out of the orchards and the sand pit.
No spectators on track.....mechanics area on W-1 is down by first turn. Our ambulance crew and Walden staff are very experienced.....we can handle whatever happens out on the track.

Sunday........please arrive early. Sign up for Sunday racing on Saturday evening if you can. We want to get going with our program as close to 9:00am as possible. We like to start motos as close to 10:00 am as we can.........the earlier we get going, the earlier you get home.

W-2 starts on Sunday about an hour after W-1 starts. After all racing is done on W-2, you can receive your awards from the scoring tower right down there. Please do not bring the rig and motor home down in front of W-1 trophy shed to park. W-1 is always still running after W-2 is finished and there are lots of people and bikes going to and coming from the track. We all would like to avoid a unfortunate collision.

Now .....we know there is a lot going on this weekend......lots of places racing and riding........We also know you work very hard for your money.....we would like to think we work above and beyond to try to give you the most for your money that we possibly can....and

We thank you for that

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